Pustefix 33.8 oz Refill Solution for Bubble Machines


Pustefix 33.8Oz Bubble Liquid Solution is so nice and thick so it blows the maximum and best bubbles. This is especially good for those kids who are learning and trying for first time to blow, because this Liquid is thick and so good to get bubbles at the first time they try to blow.

Pustefix Refill Solution Description:

  • Brand: Pustefix
  • Size: 1000ml
  • Style: Classic
  • Material: Plastic
  • Age Range: 4 years old and up

Refill your empty toys machine with Pustefix Bubble Liquid Solution for more bubbles and making more fun. It provides the fun for all ages and even helps to develop skills in young kids like visual tracking skills. Pustefix making bubble toys for decades and its all products are made by using quality ingredients which make colorful long lasting fun.

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Fubbles Refill Bubble Solution 64oz with Wand

Fubbles Bubble Solution ‎
Fubbles Bubble Solution ‎2

Fubbles Refill Bubble Solution Description:

  • Brand: Fubbles
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Wand with multiple size holes
  • Size: 64oz 1892ml
  • Age Range: 36 months to 180 months

Fubbles Bubble Solution 64oz with wand is good for blowing regular bubbles. Its formula is good and makes a good quality Fun. This is Easy to use for the toddlers without any struggles for all sizes of bubbles. A non-toxic Liquid gives you hours of fun and safe play and so more bubbles and gets more fun.

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Fubbles bubble Liquid is included wand or you can use it to refill the bubbles machine, blaster, blower, Nickelodeon toys, lawnmower, bubble gun, and all our Disney toys. The included wand had different size holes, and is good for blowing a wide array sizes.

Fubbles refill Liquid specially formulated a non-toxic, no dyes and safe for 3 years babies and older.

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Sunny Days Entertainment Maxx Bubble Solution 128oz

Maxx Bubble Solution
Maxx Bubble Solution 2

Maxx Bubble Solution Description:

  • Brand: Sunny Days Entertainment
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Classic
  • Age Range: Children 3+

This Sunny Days Entertainment Maxx Bubble Solution 128oz is good for blowing ultra fun anywhere and anytime. This is great for family events, holidays, birthday parties and every day fun. It is a safe bubbles Liquid made with purified water, non-toxic and contains no phthalates. Get more outdoor entertainment with creating longer lasting fun.

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The bottle is easy to handle and easy to carry, parents will love the bottle design easy grip with handle and easy and simple to pour and fill you toy machines. So fill you favorite toy and machine with premium Sunny Days Entertainment Maxx Bubble refill Solution and have more fun.

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